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Updated: Jun 11

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Difficulty Level: 8.5/10

Public/Private: Private

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Startup Escape has a storefront location and you’ll have to get lucky with street parking. This location currently only has this one game (of the same name) and it’s definitely more suitable for large groups. The concept of this start up game is very refreshing as we have not played something like this before. The room setting is very loft-like and spacious and very much like your everyday office. I can see it being very fitting for a team bonding type of corporate outing. The mission was to solve each department’s issue so that you can successfully launch a startup business. Because the room was quite large, with two players there were too many areas to divide and conquer. You can easily get lost on what to do first and which clue leads to which problems to solve. Perhaps, an easier version can be provided with a team of less players (like color-coding the puzzles with the locks or something). Although outside knowledge is not necessary, you will definitely have an advantage if you are familiar with a few tech programs and devices. We struggled with a particular puzzle due to the fact that we’re not really familiar on how to use the device to solve it with the clue given. It was really “easy” in terms of solution once it was shown to us at the end. We really appreciate the owner taking the time to run through the game for us since he’s usually not the game master and there were also a few things that was not ran properly due to the tech issues. With that said, we can see the potential of it being very “cool” if it was running at 100% but that’s the good and bad thing about a room revolving a lot of tech. If something doesn’t work, it hinders the game flow a bit. I love to see what the owners will come up with in the future with their use of technology on other themed rooms as we feel that this may be a bit more specific in terms of the targeted audience. For us, coming out of the room we felt like we were still in the “stone ages” (even though we thought we were quite tech savvy already) and need to become more tech advanced as I’m sure the escape room’s future is moving towards that.

*Check out our YouTube video above for a sneak peek of the location, interview with the owner, the room and more!

ETR Overall rating: 7/10

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