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Updated: Jun 11

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As the owner led us down the hallway to the second room - “The Tomb”, we suddenly became a team of explorers ready to enter an ancient archaeologist site. As we got into our “Indiana Jones” mindset, the door opened into an ancient temple. The lighting, sound, fog machine and even a hint of the smell made the all-around sensory experience a pleasant one.  Our mission here was to uncover the secrets of the tomb before another earthquake hits and the tomb would be buried forever. In this room, you definitely needed a group of 4 people not because of the difficulty of the puzzles but because they are designed to be completed by 4 people and up. The owners had to come in the room to assist with finishing some of the puzzles with us as we only had two people that day. Most of the puzzles were on point with the ancient temple theme but we were able to see some electrical plugs and machines which if a cover was used perhaps like a rock, it would've disguised it better. The puzzles were really fun in the sense that some were tech controlled and others were merely “hand-eye coordination” games. The one at the end took the longest for us because we made it harder for ourselves by not utilizing the “key”. One puzzle may be a stretch for new players to coordinate the meaning behind the symbols, but it made the room more challenging to compliment the easier puzzles. In the end, we felt that there could have been a better "wow” moment since the latter part of the room felt like the space was used mainly for that one last puzzle.

Ultimately, we were able to get out with plenty of time left on the clock as a team of two (with “helping hands” from the owners) and once again we were able to make the leaderboard for that day! We really enjoyed this experience and now we are really fired up to finish our third and last room at Escapism - "Meltdown".    

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