Amazing Escape Room (Bloomfield) - "Down the Rabbit Hole"

Updated: Jun 11

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A trickery rabbit had let us down a rabbit hole that seemed to be bottomless. As we finally reached the bottom, a magical realm appeared in front of us. It seems like we’re trapped here forever! Maybe our only chance is to find Alice and hope she would be able to lead us to the light.


  • The colorful set design along with a bit of a whimsical feel was a fitting touch for the “Alice in Wonderland” theme.

  • A magical moment was triggered by one of our actions and it was pretty enough for us to want to re-trigger it again to see the fairytale-like setting.

  • The room had a conclusive and “magical” ending rather than just a “key to open a door” escape.


  • The mag locks in the room seemed to not function that well. One time the game master had to come in to fix something that didn’t pop open. There was another time when we correctly solved a puzzle and nothing happened. So we had to reposition the pieces at the same spots and finally it triggered the mag locks.

  • There was one puzzle that seemed to be quite difficult to do with a small or a large group as it exceeded the normal amount of repetitiveness for a puzzle solution. It felt more like a “eat up time” kind of puzzle. This puzzle design appeared again in the room which made it feel repetitive.

  • There was one puzzle we solved but we didn’t know what we had triggered. It would be great if an alerting sound or light could be added.

  • If the “entrance” to the magical realm could be designed to be more like a portal versus something very obvious, it would add more immersion to the room.


This room probably works best if you have a group of 4. Since it’s not linear, it would’ve definitely helped when 2 people are on one type of puzzle and the others on something else. It was quite difficult for the two of us (although in full disclosure I was left for 10 minutes by myself as my other half had to exit the room because of an emergency so that didn’t help). If you particularly enjoy a set design that feels like a fantasy land with beautiful colors, you might like this room. We weren’t particularly enjoying the puzzle aspects of this room, but we think maybe kids will do great mainly because of the types of puzzles that was incorporated in here.


Just follow the last one. Be quick!


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* Check out our YouTube video above for a sneak peek of the location, interview with the manager, the room and more!

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