November 6, 2018 - Amazing Escape Room (Philadelphia) - "Art Gallery"

Photo + Video credit: Amazing Escape Room (Philadelphia)

Difficulty Level: 6/10

Public/Private: Public/ Private

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This is our first time booking a room at this Philadelphia, PA location. We've tried this company's rooms in Montclair, NJ. Read our reviews on "The Forest" and the "Case Closed" rooms in order to find out more about this company in the Montclair, NJ location. Once you enter, there's a really cool graffiti mural followed by a two-floor walk-up. The lobby has a waiting area but not much decor. When we arrived, our game master debriefed us before we entered the room. After two puzzles in, we realized that one of the locks was open and the key was to be found. We tried to signal our game master, but there was no response. So we continued playing as if we needed to open that lock on our own. This room needed some upgrades in the decor and the puzzles. It didn't feel like an "Art Gallery" and we didn't feel immersed into the room at all. Some challenges that they presented were unique and some were not. The one's that weren't unique had nothing to do w/ the storyline. There were a couple of red herrings in this room as well. We were one lock away from escaping and were on the right track. We just needed a little bit more time.

ETR Overall rating: 5/10

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