Escape This - "Kidnapped"

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Difficulty Level: 5/10

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This is the only escape room in Biloxi, MS. Being that we were in the area, we went to try it out. The lobby has a waiting area but not much decor. We've been to many local escape rooms before where the owner builds their own rooms but this has got to be one of the worst. First, we got there and were put into the room by our game master without any debriefing or backstory to the room. She told us to handcuff ourselves and then she just left. After we got out of our handcuffs by a very obvious clue gave us, we realized that all the combo boxes were open on the floor. Only about 50% of the room had been reset from the last group. We repeatedly called her on the camera to come and it took forever for her to respond. Finally, we pushed a door open (which should have been locked) to try to get her to come in. When she entered, she said that those boxes were supposed to be locked and then said something about her son's truck being broke down and she was very busy on her own. Regardless of what happened, we would've been happy just waiting there until the room was checked and reset before we entered. So the whole experience was ruined right from the beginning. We didn't feel immersed into the room at all. The shared bathroom was actually IN our room and we weren't sure if it was part of the set or not. Most of the puzzles were lockboxes placed everywhere in the room and you were suppose to just open them one after another with no logic or storyline whatsoever. Basically if we figured out a code, we should just try all of them. The worst part about it is that they used a lot of dial combination locks which we've NEVER used at any other location before. Mainly because these types of locks can be programmed to turn right and/or left a certain amount of times. This was the first escape room we played that we felt like we literally wanted to ESCAPE immediately! Since we were visiting, we had already booked a back-to-back room hoping that the next one - "Escape Krampus" would redeem itself and change our interpretation of them.

ETR Overall rating: 2/10

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