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Total Mayhem Games - "We Were Here (Series)"

Updated: Apr 24

Photo above is property of Total Mayhem Games

Company: Total Mayhem Games

Game: We Were Here (Series)

Country: Netherlands 🇳🇱

Language: Multiple

Type of Game: Video Escape Game 📱

Genre: Adventure, Mystery

Date Played: January 4, 2021

Difficulty (based on 2 players): 7.5/10

Size of Team: 2 Players (This game is co-op only)

Price: Free/ 9,99€/ 12,99€ (on Steam)


“You wake up in a room…” Probably the most common phrase any mystery game or dungeons

and dragons game has ever started with. But this time, you wake up with a walkie talkie. There is someone on the other side, you have no idea who is on the other end, or how you got there. All you know is that they have information you need to get out of here and visa versa.

Thou the first one centers around both of the players waking up in the castle, the other ones you begin at a base as you start to delve into the ruins of this well kept castle in search for what has happened to this forsaken place. But will you get out of there to tell the tale? Welcome to “We Were Here…”

Videos above are property of Total Mayhem Games


This is a game for two players and can be played online on a desktop. You can decide to play with a stranger or with someone you know. In the current available trilogy, (“We Were Here Forever” is in development as of January 17, 2022) a mysterious castle is the center hub for all. You and your partner will have to communicate through a walkie talkie to give each other feedback on how a room looks, what clues you see, what items are available, etc. Do note that if both of you speak at the same time, the other one will not hear you. So communicate but more importantly, listen. I would rather not mention the cheating method but if you do decide to take the easier route, create a room on discord with your partner and just talk over there. But that would defeat the purpose of the game so try to play it the way the creators intended for you to play it in, would ya?

Each puzzle has it own designated room so no worries about backtracking or not knowing which items to use with which puzzle. Moreover, in the beginning, you can have a choice as to which side of the castle you want to see. So it's essentially replayable of you ever want to see the other path. And in one of the games, there is even an alternate ending!

Photos above are property of Total Mayhem Games


Each room will have a completely new set of elements that you can interact with and puzzle types to be solved. It's a really refreshing feeling. Sometimes you have physical puzzles, other times you just have to relay information or spot some differences. These games have something for everyone to enjoy. But be careful, not ever room will be easy. There are timed puzzles as well that you need to solve. If you run out of time, a mysterious figure will catch up on you or you might be frozen to death, etc. So don’t enjoy the views for long.

The puzzles themselves are not the most difficult part. Some of them require just more communication then others. If both of the players aren’t communicating well, then it can get difficult to solve the puzzles. The bulk of the puzzles are finding items and trying to determine how to use them, but the creators did a nice job mixing in some different variety of other puzzles from logic to recognition puzzles. The puzzles also have a good mixture of difficulty levels as some I was able to complete right away but I had to try out different combinations of things to understand what needed to be done for some others. Total Mayhem Games is very creative in implementing puzzles that match the story and theme. If you have trouble solving the puzzles, there's plenty of places to look online for some helpful hints.

Photos above are property of Total Mayhem Games


This game series is one of those that if a new one comes out, I'll be nagging my partner to play with me right away. It’s such a fun game that we ended up playing it twice! Since you have to decide fairly at the beginning which side you take, you only see one half of the whole game. So playing it twice allowed us to see it from each other's perspective. That was a lot of fun as we laughed at how obvious some things actually were but because of the miscommunication we missed it the first time. It's certainly can be used as food for inspiration for any escape room builder for future projects. Now, all I can do is eagerly wait for their next game!


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