Pacifica Escape Zone - "House in the Woods"

Updated: Jun 11

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Difficulty Level: 8/10

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It was a long drive for us to Pacifica, CA but it was a nice & scenic one near the coastline. There’s plenty of parking outside of Pacifica Escape Zone. When you pull into the complex, you might not be able to see the name Pacifica Escape Zone as it’s named as their parent company “Anime Imports”. We were fortunate enough to speak with the owner to learn more about the company.

In addition to Pacifica Escape Zone, the owner also owns a comic book store in the near vicinity so if you are a comic book fan, make sure you check it out! As we entered the lobby area, there’s really no check in or décor which we thought this could be improved to give the player the whole experience. Today, we are trying their newest room called “House in the Woods”. They currently offer two rooms total with "Murder Scene" being the first. In "House in the Woods", you are playing in the dark for the majority of the time which makes it quite challenging. If you like escape rooms with locks, this is the one for you! Since there is a lot to do in this room for just two people, we didn't manage to escape in time. Pacifica Escape Zone is trying to acquire another space within same complex to create another room! We can't wait to see what they have planned for their future!

* Check out our YouTube video above for a sneak peek of the location, interview with the owner, the room and more!

ETR Overall rating: 7.5/10

(If you do decide to try this room, please remember to let them know that "ESCAPETHEROOMers" sent you!)

**We don't want to go into detail and ruin any surprises for you, but you want more info like if the room is a multi-room or what other additional tips we can provide to you, feel free to email us.

Disclosure: We thank Pacifica Escape Zone for comping our tickets for this game.

Although complimentary admission was generously provided, it does not impact our opinion on the review whatsoever.

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