Printable Escapes by The Other Tales - "Pirate's Quest"

Photos provided by Printable Escapes by The Other Tales

Company: Printable Escapes by The Other Tales

Country: USA 🇺🇸

Language: English

Type of Game: Digital Escape Game

Genre: Adventure

Date Played: 7/22/2020

Difficulty (based on 2 players): 3.5/10

Size of Team: Unlimited

Time: Unlimited

Price: $10.00

Looking for a babysitter for $10 a hour or something to keep your kids busy so you get an hour of "me" time? "Pirate's Quest" would be a great solution.

This game was designed for kids (ages 10-14) but we enjoy feeling "super smart" from time to time. When you purchase the game, a PDF file will be emailed to you immediately. If you don't have a printer, it's doable without it.

The colorful graphics immediately got our attention. On this journey, we were set out to find John Harding's (a notorious pirate) treasure. We recognized many types of puzzles we would see in adult games (ciphers, unscramble, directional, etc...) but just shortened and made easier for kids. It's a great way to train them young on becoming great puzzlers. Even with a kids game, the creators were able to embed a meta puzzle at the end. The hint system was very clear and were given in stages. In case you wanted to check an answer but didn't want spoilers for the others, they have written them backwards. It's great that the creators were able to pay attention to these little details. We can't wait to see what puzzle game they'll come out with for adults soon as we know the creators are avid puzzlers themselves. They even have amazing physical escape room called "The Other Tales" in NJ, USA!


(If you do decide to try this game, please remember to let them know that you heard it from"ESCAPETHEROOMers"!)

Disclosure: We thank Printable Escapes by The Other Tales for providing us with a sample of the game. Although complimentary experience was generously provided, it does not impact our opinion on the review whatsoever.

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