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The Puzzle Room - "Puzzle Wars"

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Photos provided by The Puzzle Room

Company: The Puzzle Room

Game: Puzzle Wars

Country: USA 🇺🇸

Language: English

Type of Game: Live Stream Puzzle 💻

Date Played: 6/27/2020

Size of Team: 2-10 Players

Time: 60 Minutes

Price: $20/PP

"Puzzle War" is a live stream puzzle game where you and your teammates will be monitored by a host from "The Puzzle Room" over zoom. The host will break your group into two teams and each team will receive a link to a game portal. The teams will start at the same time to compete to finish all the puzzles or to get the highest score within the 60 minutes. There are various puzzle types and they range from easy (20 points) to difficult (100 points). During the game you'll also have chances to win bonus puzzles for additional points. Also you'll get chances to sabotage the other team. If you get stuck, you'll have three clues to use. You won't get penalized for using them but at the end of the game, if you have the same score then the amount of hints used will become a factor to determine the winner.

We were very excited for an epic showdown as we recruited some powerhouse players in the industry. Our team members were: Brandon (I was more spectating), James & Charlie (Deadlocked Escape Rooms), and Sera & Sharan (1/2 of Team Squared). Our opponent team members were: David & Lisa (Room Escape Artist), Tammy, Rich (Top Escape Rooms Project), & Nick. We were all put in the same room on Zoom but found that it was difficult to communicate with our team members this way. So we formed our own FB chat group on the side and muted the Zoom. It would've been a better set up if we were able to be brought into breakout rooms as it would make team communications a lot easier and clearer.

We really like the interface used for the puzzle portal. You're able to interact with the game on the computer directly. For instance, most of the other live stream puzzle we've played would give us a PDF or slideshow and we would need to write out ideas or answers on paper. In this game, most of the puzzles were interactive. You were able to move items with your mouse and keyboard. This made solving the puzzles much easier and more engaging. The bonus puzzles were also creative and a lot of fun (one in particular will remain in our memories forever). However, the audio from the host was a bit low at times so we weren't able to hear most of the bonus puzzles. This gave our opponent team a chance to win all the bonus points. But it didn't really affect the outcome since we completed all the puzzles with 15 minute and 5 seconds left. Our opponent team had about 3 minutes left. Although they did score more points with the bonus puzzles, we were declared as the official winner since we completed the game quicker. According to "The Puzzle Room", we were the only two teams able to complete all the puzzles within 60 minutes. YAY! This was our favorite live stream puzzle game so far. We felt like our brain was pumped with a shot of adrenaline and puzzled for the entire day after the game. Please create another one so we can be back for more! Meantime, YOU should gather your team and see if you are able to beat our score!


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Disclosure: We thank The Puzzle Room for comping our tickets for this game. Although a complimentary experience was generously provided, it does not impact our opinion on the review whatsoever.

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