September 28, 2018 - PanIQ Room NYC - "Perfect Crime"

Photo credit: PanIQ Room NYC

Difficulty Level: 8.5/10

Public/Private: Private

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Please read our "The Cage, The Cards, and The Cash" room to get more details about this escape location. We are back to challenge their hardest room with our original four. This "whodunit?" room seems a bit plain for a crime room. If you like the board game "Clue", you would probably enjoy this a bit more. We didn't really follow the storyline much as it wasn't too clear on where the puzzles were leading us. There were a few puzzles that we got stuck on due to a malfunctioning of one of the tech pieces. We knew that because when we asked for hint, we didn't even complete the puzzle and the clue fell out already. It seemed as if it was manually done. Also our game master was not as attentive as the one we had last time. There were times when we asked for a clue that we had to wait for a few minutes with no response even though we repeatedly asked for a hint. There was one puzzle in there that was rather difficult and took some time. So maybe splitting up and working on different puzzles would be the way to do it. We were about 95% done, but could not figure out the last piece as it was a lockout safe so that definitely added the difficulty to the room. Overall, we definitely enjoyed "The Cage, The cards, and the Cash" room better than this one.

ETR Overall rating: 6.5/10

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* We don't want to go into detail and ruin any surprises for you, but you want more info like if the room is a multi-room or what other additional tips we can provide to you, feel free to email us.

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