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Trip Trap Secret Floor - "An Evening with the Voodoo Queen"

LOCATION:  Genève, Switzerland

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Photos above are property of ESCAPETHEROOMers


With your group of friends, you are visiting New Orleans, Louisiana, enjoying the “quartier français” and the jazzy atmosphere around. After spending the whole day there, you decide to leave and take your car, but your car just broke down in the middle of nowhere. You start to feel desperate when you see a stranger coming to you. You ask for his help but the only thing the man says is “Mrs Marie Laveau can help you with that” while pointing a direction, before disappearing. As you have no other solution, you walk towards the direction the man showed and arrive in front of a house. You decide to enter as you have nothing better to do in your current situation. Now that you are there, what could go wrong?

Video above is property of Trip Trap Secret Floor


  • The details made for the set are very faithful to what we would expect when we enter the lair of a Voodoo priest in Louisiana. We find many items and artefacts that make sense for a better immersion.

  • The puzzles are well integrated to the theme and story, that adds to the spookiness of the room. Some are very ingenious or uncommon!

  • There is a quite large variety of mechanisms used to solve puzzles that use diverse skills, which favors participation from each team member.

  • The thrill goes crescendo with a climax at the end.


  • For the finale, the music was intense, a bit too much for some of our members. It may be detrimental for the experience of sensitive players.


This room is very immersive, with a well dosed difficulty. It is not a horror-based room, it’s more suggestive so you shouldn’t be afraid to do it even if you don’t like the horror genre. It is more suitable to players that are not complete beginners, I would recommend a group of 4 players for this room.

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  • There are some white and blue parking spots in front of the building

  • There are stairs and an elevator to get access to the lobby

  • Trip Trap asks to arrive 15 mins in advance if possible so you can enjoy the full experience

  • Pregnant women can take part to the adventure (if not too close to the term) and a chair can be installed by the game master upon request for comfort. For people with physical disabilities, unfortunately it is not suitable for wheelchairs, but crutches are fine

  • The lobby is pretty big and there are comfortable seats/couches while you wait. You can store your belongings in separated closets

  • This game can be played in French or in English

  • No drinks or food unfortunately: the Catalpa bar is only available at the GRAND TRIP TRAP HOTEL. You may still ask for a glass of water or syrup (free)

  • Toilets are available

Photo above is property of ESCAPETHEROOMers


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Disclosure: We thank Trip Trap for offering us a media discount for our tickets to this game. Although a media discount was generously provided, it does not impact our opinion on the review whatsoever.

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